(Keseimbangan Gizi Anak Tersayang)


Indonesia is one of the countries that have the most abundant natural wealth when compared to other countries. However, with the abundance of natural resources and its economy, Indonesia can still not solve health problems correctly. One form of this health problem is malnutrition in children. In Indonesia, around 50-59% of children under five low experience growth due to malnutrition (UNICEF, 2019).

According to the World Bank Organization, malnutrition in children can cause a double burden of malnutrition. The double burden of malnutrition can be interpreted as lack and excess of nutrition in children. The double burden of malnutrition can occur when a child gets less nutritional intake since childhood, affecting intelligence and productivity, followed by drastic weight gain that can lead to non-communicable diseases.

KENYANG (Keseimbangan Gizi Anak Tersayang) is a Community development held by SCOPH CIMSA UGM. This Community development occurs in TK ABA Dukuh 2 Somodaran, Sleman, Yogyakarta, which consists of 57 students and parents, added with four teachers. Our goal is to improve a student's nutrition level and raise their parents' awareness about their children's value and nutritional quality.


Due to the prolonged pandemic situation, the second intervention is held online through an asynchronous session via WhatsApp group chat with the student's parents on Saturday and Sunday, 6th -7th February 2021. The session started with a simple pre-test in the leading group, followed by dividing the parents into three focus groups. Then, material about children's growth and development is given through a single handbook and explanation via chat, followed by a question and answer session and quiz. On the second day, the session is held in the main group by giving socialization of PrimaKu Application through video, which is one of the applications for KIA Book Alternative with a question and answer session, and finally post-test is given to measure participants’ understanding so that they can be implemented properly to their children.

We sincerely hope that KENYANG could provide a change and could prevent every student in TK ABA Dukuh 2 from a malnutrition problem. We also hope that parents’ awareness of the importance of nutrition and child development improves their children's future.


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