IMPROVEMENT 2nd Intervention - MSCIA UB

IMPROVEMENT 2nd Intervention - MSCIA UB


IMPROVEMENT 2nd Intervention
(Improving Health Through Prevention and Management of Disease)


IMPROVEMENT (Improving Health Through Prevention and Management of Disease) is an intervention held by MSCIA UB which was attended by RW 7 with cadres. Based on data obtained by the Indonesian Ministry of Health in 2018 showed that only 56.1% of cities or districts in East Java implement Clean and healthy living behavior (PHBS). The number of households that had applied PHBS during 2018 reached 40.7% of 70.546 households monitored in Malang City or 28,704 households in total. In Malang itself, based on data from the Ministry of Health in 2019 showed that 23,508 residents of Malang city were affected by diarrhea. In fact, in developing countries, diarrhea is the most common cause of death in children under five years old. We also conducted a village survey in the city of Malang and found that RW 7 in the Bareng sub-district is an area that has problems with latrine disposal in which the citizens had very low knowledge about PHBS. And also, we obtained from our interview that there are only 3 houses in RT 1 that have septic tanks.

Considering the high level of COVID-19 cases in Malang City, in the second intervention carried out on September 11th, 2021, we held IMPROVEMENT offline at RW 7 Bareng hall. We invite a doctor from UB Medical Faculty named dr. Ayunda Dewi Jayanti Putri to provide education to cadres related to diarrhea and healthy latrines. which was then followed by a question and answer agenda. The cadres were very enthusiastic and actively asked numerous questions during the agenda. After delivering the material, we give a demo on how to make hand sanitizer at home according to WHO & BPOM guidelines so that it is safe to apply. We also invited the cadres to refresh themselves for a while with mini-games in the form of a crossword puzzle in which the puzzle contained words related to PHBS. This event succeeded in getting an increase in the pre-test to post-test by 16.8% and was attended by 9 cadres.

We hoped that by holding this activity, we together with IMPROVEMENT cadres can improve the health quality of rural communities who are at risk of experiencing health problems, especially diarrhea problems through prevention activities and the application of the right clean and healthy lifestyle.



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