(International Day of Peace)

In order to support the International Day of Peace on September 21st, 2021, Human Rights and Peace Committee (RPCO) MMSA UMY carried out activities aimed at increasing public knowledge and awareness about the health rights of refugees. In fact, in 2021, UNHCR reports that the current number of refugees in Indonesia is 13,416 registered people. This makes Indonesia one of the countries with the most refugees in the Asia-Pacific world. Therefore, the theme that we raised at IDoP 2021 this time was "The Right to Health for Refugee". The total number of participants who joined was 23 people from RPCO. We also held a podcast about refugees in Indonesia with resource persons from Asylum Indonesia (Telly Nathalia, S.T., M.Sos.) and hosted by Ryan Ramadhan and Ghina Ramadhita from MMSA UMY. Another activity we did was educational videos by RPCO MMSA UMY members. The campaign video on IgTV was viewed more than 129 times.

The hope of the IDoP event is to inform all viewers of the campaign video about the rights of refugees which they have not yet received. There are five obligatory rights for them as human beings, namely the right to protection from returning to their country of origin by force, the right to seek asylum, the right to equality and non-discrimination in a country of refuge, the right to life and security, and the right to return whenever possible. Through the campaign video, it is hoped that the audience will not only know about the rights of refugees but also increase empathy and sympathy for individuals who see the campaign video. Because basically, IDoP campaigns can be used as promotions for people who are well off to help refugees if they have the opportunity to help. In that way, the basic rights of refugees as part of humanity, such as getting welfare, getting the same opportunity for their future, getting peace of mind can be obtained by them.

Discrimination against refugees from residents and communities where they are asylum is a problem in itself because of their ignorance of the importance of their basic rights. Therefore, if it is difficult for the IDoP event to inform all levels of society regarding their rights, at least the IDoP event has taught MMSA members about the rights of refugees.


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