IDoP 2020

(International Day of Peace)


Topic of refugees still rarely gets public attention, including students. Conditions in refugee camps that are inadequate for the implementation of physical distancing and limited facilities, such as the limitation of water for sanitation, can increase the potential risk of COVID-19. The government's burden to overcome COVID-19 pandemic in general also impact the assistance for the daily needs of refugees. That situation, causes the rights and health of vulnerable refugees become increasingly vulnerable during pandemic.

IDoP (International Day of Peace) activity is an activity organized by the Observer SCORP CIMSA Unsoed in theme ‘Refugees Condition on COVID-19 Pandemic’ in commemoration of International Day of Peace. IDoP activities aim to increase student's knowledge and awareness about refugees conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Also it is intended to increase knowledge of Observer SCORP CIMSA Unsoed member and sounding information regarding refugees conditions through infographic posters on Instagram stories.

IDoP activities was held as online webinars and air campaigns. The IDoP webinar held on October 3rd, 2020 with speaker from Human Resources Trainer, Syaogi Ahmed 'Azizy. IDoP online webinars was carried out on Zoom Meetings. Meanwhile, the air campaign was held through Instagram stories by sharing infographics regarding refugees conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before webinar, member of the Observer SCORP CIMSA Unsoed joined a training with Human Resources Trainer, Safana Tashfiya. The training discussed about the health effects of COVID-19 pandemic on refugees and concrete action that students could do to ease the burden of refugees.

IDoP activity received good responses from participants. Online webinar IDoP that held by the Observer SCORP CIMSA Unsoed was attended by 58 participants. Participant's interest in the topic of refugees made this activity interactive between speakers and participants. Even though it was held online, participants got the benefits and insights from this webinar. This was indicated by the increase of participant's knowledge on related topics as assessed by the increase of the post-test score from the pre-test score and get 65% score on post-test. In the form of campaign on Instagram, our infographic was distributed by 8 members and was seen by 575 viewers.

Activities in commemoration of International Day of Peace are a form of seriousness of CIMSA Unsoed, especially the SCORP Observer, in its commitment to peace and prosperity above existing differences. In addition, this activity is a real contribution step to develop student's awarness regarding the issue of peace.


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