(Hari Kolaborasi Kesehatan Nasional)


Improving the health system in Indonesia is the responsibility of all parties including the government, society and the health professionals. One of the real forms of cooperation that will have a good impact for the Indonesian health system is the collaboration between health professionals. It is hoped that with good cooperation and communication between health professionals, the health system in Indonesia will improve and have a positive impact for all Indonesian people. Therefore, SCOME CIMSA UNAIR tried to hold an event with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of cooperation for all health students through IPE (Interprofessional Education). By learning IPE (Interprofessional Education), we learn how to create good collaboration between health students in various study programs.

HKKN (Hari Kolaborasi Kesehatan Nasional) is one of the programs that is organized by SCOME CIMSA UNAIR. The implementation of the HKKN event involved all health students from medicine, midwifery, nursing, pharmacy, nutritionist and public health study programs. Through this event, we held webinar and forum group discussions about Interprofessional Education (IPE) for health students. We also attempted to raise awareness about the importance of IPE (Interprofessional Education) through social media (Air Campaign). In this event, SCOME also invited Mrs. Euvanggelia Dwilda Fernandus, S.Bid, M. Kes, Midwifery study program's lecturer, as a speaker and ALURA (Alumni Pencerah Nusantara) as a speaker for sharing time on IPE implementation in the 3T area.

SCOME made HKKN as a forum for health group students to learn from each other related to IPE (Interprofessional Education). Series of HKKN events are webinars that giving students an understanding about the importance of IPE and its application in the health sector; Forum group discussion as a forum for students to discuss and communicate about the urgency and role of each health profession; air campaign to provide information related to IPE and published via social media.

All series of HKKN events always aimed to have a positive impact for Indonesia, especially for the health sector. With the commitment and persistence of the committee, HKKN events can be completed smoothly and on time. Hopefully in the future HKKN will always provide positive energy for Indonesia.

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