HIBERNASI: 3rd Intervention

(Hidup Bersih dan Sehat Bersama CIMSA)


Empowering medical students, improving nation’s health as our fundamental goal always encourages us medical students to implement the 3rd United Nations SDG’s: Good health and well-being. Sustaining good health and well being seems uneasy to deal with, but as medical students, we have the right to improve our definition of health, right?

As CIMSA Community Development Society, we believe that improving global health could be achieved by educating the society to improve the community’s quality of life. Speaking about Global Health, the quality of Indonesia’s health needs acknowledgment improvement, both for the children and their parents. These days, narcotics misuse and cigarette use are increasing rapidly among Indonesian teenagers, which could ruin their future.


Hidup Bersih dan Sehat Bersama CIMSA (HIBERNASI) is our program that began in 2018 which focuses on promoting a healthy and clean lifestyle to improve community health. Yayasan Hamba is an underdeveloped community which facilitates less fortunate children who are “unwanted from their family” and ensures they receive the same affection as other children. We wanted to prevent these kids from “pergaulan bebas” and we did this by educating the caregivers and children about the danger of narcotics misuse and cigarette use.

Our 3rd intervention was held on March 5th, 2020. In the previous intervention, we have already discussed cleanliness and self-hygiene, and in our latest intervention, we discussed the dangers of narcotics and cigarette misuse. In this intervention, we focused more on educating the caregivers by presenting 2 speakers. Our 1st speaker is Eko Prasetyo, an ex narcotics addict, who owns the rehabilitation center. He is an active motivator who always spreads positivity to motivate others to stay away from drugs and cigarettes. He also openly shared his own experience in dealing with drugs. Our 2nd speaker is Rania Aisyah Herima, who is “Duta Anti-Narkoba” from Raja Bandar.


Not only educating the caregivers, but we also tried our best to bond with the caregivers. We bonded by playing “Berpacu dalam Melodi" in which the caregivers must guess the songs played on the speakers. The caregivers were very excited and actively participated by guessing the songs. Furthermore, the caregiver’s enthusiasm toward the material given was reflected during the session. They were both good listeners and active participants. The session became more alive due to the caregivers' high interest and curiosity towards the issue, and during the Q&A session, the caregivers actively asked several questions to the speakers.

To measure the effectiveness of this intervention we did a pre-test and a post-test. The pre-test and post-test showed that there was an improvement in the caregivers' knowledge toward narcotics and cigarettes. To evaluate this intervention, we also gave out questionnaires after the intervention. The questionnaire was given to the caregivers to find out how important the intervention is to them and also to understand what is still lacking so that we know how to improve the next intervention.


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