HEATHER: Healthy Soul for The Healthier Life is a community development by SCOPH CIMSA UGM that aims to improve the knowledge and awareness of students in SMA 6 Yogyakarta regarding mental health and prepare them to be a good listeners in their surroundings. This year, HEATHER held its first intervention, consisting of three events: Pre-Project Training, Bonding, and First Intervention.

This intervention HEATHER began with Pre-Project Training that held on March 13th, 2024, where all the OCs participated in the training. We invited speakers from Training Public Health Trainer and Teman Baik FK-KMK UGM. After training, all OCs attended FGD regarding how to be a good listener based on Psychological First Aid Checklist by Teman Baik. Hopefully, from this training, OCs will be able to convey material and guide the participants properly at the main event.



Bonding day was held on April 2nd, 2024, in SMAN 6 Yogyakarta, involving 24 students of SMAN 6 and HEATHER OCs from CIMSA UGM. The bonding was filled with an introduction of CIMSA and HEATHER, icebreaker session, and tote bag painting with their teammates and facilitator. Lastly, the activity continued with documentation sessions.

The first intervention was held on April 3rd, 2024, and began with the presentation was carried out by a mental health ambassador of UGM, Ferdeo, S.Sos, regarding mental health basics and how to be a good listener. The activity was followed by an FGD and was guided by the HEATHER committee, discussing mental health problems and solutions as well as role play on how to be a good one. After that, a secret letter that has been written by OC was given to the participants. The last activity was filled with letter writing by participants regarding hopes about themselves in the future as a time capsule, which will later be revealed in HEATHER's next intervention. After the main activity, follow-up activities will be held with objectives to assess the impact of activities on targets and carried out one week after the main intervention. Follow up is held online in the form of bingo entries, challenges and daily journals every week for one month, which can be uploaded to the Instagram accounts of each participant.

Through the first intervention of HEATHER, we hope students of SMA 6 Yogyakarta and SCOPH members can learn about the mental health issues related to teenagers and train themselves to be good listeners, among others.


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