(Hari Dokter Nasional)


On October 24th, 2020, the Medical Education Committee (MECO) MMSA UMY collaborated with Medical student organizations in UMY which are HMPD SEMAKU, MARS, and TBM Alert to celebrate National Doctor’s Day which was held from the 22nd, 24th, 25th September and 8th November 2020 with a series of radio broadcasting, podcast recording, short video production, and webinar. The theme raised on this year's National Doctors Day is ‘Dear Doctor, Thank you for Serving’. The purpose of holding these activities is to give appreciation to all doctors in Indonesia for their services in building national health and gained some enthusiasm for medical students as a future doctor.

Doctor is a very precious profession. Because doctor has a big role and responsibility in improving national health, especially in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it seems that many people don’t care about doctors’ struggles in dealing with COVID-19 as evidenced by the habits of many people who don’t obey health protocol during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, on October 22nd, MECO MMSA UMY and Medical Student Organization UMY carried out a radio broadcast with Jogja Family Radio and we talked about ‘Doctor's Struggles in the Middle of Pandemic’. The goal of this activity is to found about doctors' struggles during a pandemic. The target of this radio broadcast is the people in Yogyakarta.

On October 24th, the day of the National Doctors Day (HDN) celebration, we published posters as a form of HDN celebration through Instagram stories. Continued on October 25th, 2020, we also published a podcast with the topic ‘The Role of Medical Students in the Middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic’. We hope that medical students will realize that they have a role in helping the problem of this pandemic.

In the top of the National Doctor’s Day Celebration, on November 8th, 2020, we held a webinar with Dr. Tri Widjaja, S.Ked who presented the material ‘Efforts to Sense of Doctor Devotion through Health Service-Based World’ as a first speaker and the second speaker was Dr. dr. Sagiran, Sp.B (K) KL, M.Kes with the material ‘The Role of Indonesian Doctors in Islamic Health Development’. This webinar was attended by 60 participants. Continued in the evening, we published a short video regarding the opinion of a doctor who fought for COVID-19 against hoaxes that peep out in the public. This video reached 666 views.


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