HDN 2020

(Hari Dokter Nasional)


National Doctors Day (HDN) is commemorated on October 24 as a token of appreciation for doctors' services in Indonesia. This date also coincided with the anniversary of the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI). This year, we are shocked by the COVID-19 pandemic where many health workers, especially doctors, have died while on duty; replacing their roles is not easy. Medical students must understand the competencies they must have to become good doctors in the future. Therefore, in the campaign to celebrate National Doctors Day 2020, SCOME CIMSA Indonesia raised the theme "Becoming a Good Health Professional." 

The 2020 National Doctor's Day  Campaign was held from October 22, 2020 - January 1, 2021. This campaign aims to increase the understanding of medical students, the general public, and policymakers regarding the medical education curriculum and the importance of improving the curriculum itself.

The National Doctor's Day campaign began with providing education to medical students and the general public through the publication of several infographics, then continued with a series of challenges to appreciate doctors who had struggled so far.

We also conducted two webinars with the theme "Online Learning During COVID-19: Tips Every Medical Student Needs to Know "with the speaker, dr. Andi KTH, Sp.PD (Chairman of JDN Indonesia) dr. Ardi F., Ph.D. (Deputy Chairperson of PERPIPKI) and "One Step Closer to Get LPDP Scholarship" with the speaker dr. Vini J. and dr. Iswandy JTA MMedSci (alumni of CIMSA Indonesia), many SCOME members participated in the two webinars and published a video series on the SCOME CIMSA YouTube account with the topic "Doctor Career Prospect," which consists of four videos with one career prospect in each video (doctor clinicians, military doctors, doctorpreneurs, and doctors working in the United Nations Agency).

SCOME CIMSA is also collaborating with MIMS to distribute pharmacology books to members to support online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic and together with Maxgard crowdfunding to provide personal protective equipment (face shield) for clinical medical students, well asas a tangible form of our concern to improve curriculum development medical education in Indonesia we also conducted curriculum survey research at 21 medical faculties in Indonesia. 

We hope that with the 2020 National Doctor's Day campaign, medical students can improve their self-competence and appreciate doctors who are struggling during the pandemic and, together with stakeholders in the medical field, can promote a medical education curriculum in Indonesia. 

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