(Global Experience Through SCOPE and SCORE Exchange)


GLOBETROTTER is one of CIMSA's activities that has been an annual event. This event exists as a form of collaboration involving two CIMSA standing committees, SCOPE, and SCORE. GLOBETROTTER has the main goal: to educate medical students in Indonesia about exchange opportunities and facilitate them to get internal exposure through IFMSA exchange programs. 
Like many years past, over 70 years since the first SCOPE exchange program and more than three decades of the SCORE exchange program, IFMSA has helped the tremendous number of medical students from various backgrounds to broaden their knowledge professional medical and research experience. 
Due to the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, we still cannot experience this year's GLOBETROTTER as an offline event. However, CIMSA UGM tried to bring this annual event close to the actual situation as we could. Therefore, GLOBETROTTER 2021 has two main sessions; the first one is the talk show session, and the second is the virtual exhibition session. 

The talk show session was then again split into two sections. First, we had 3 SCOPE-SCORE former outgoings as speakers, and for the last section, we had dr. Kevin Sunjaya, SM, Chair of Health Commission of OISAA (PPI Dunia), shares his stories. In this talk show session, we dipped on the overall experience of being Indonesian medical students in foreign countries, its benefits, and tips and tricks to be accepted as outgoing on the IFMSA exchange program. We also discuss the health system and situation in the other country and much more. 
Next up, we took the participants on a "world tour" via virtual exhibitions on Art steps. In this platform, we planned and designed the venue for GLOBETROTTER's virtual exhibition to bring the best ambiance and experience to the participants about IFMSA exchange countries in 5 regions. Here, we explained the culture, traditional foods, health systems, and medical educations in various countries.

Last but not least. Our LEO and LORE have explained the exchange mechanism and held a mini quiz via the platform Kahoot! to recall participants' memories and better comprehend the information given throughout the event. 
The end of this event marked the opening of the registration for SCOPE-SCORE exchange programs 2021/2022 period from 19th April – 28th April 2021. We sold the application forms via the CIMSA UGM website. We hope this event will open many new opportunities and widen the knowledge of Indonesian medical students.


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