(Get to Know Research Techniques)


What is SGP? SGP, which stands for SCORE Goes Public, is a SCORE CIMSA’s activity that  conducts a training about research for SCORE members. SGP is particularly used to facilitate SCORE CIMSA UNISSULA members regarding research informations and it’s application to the community. SGP consists of 3 levels, levels 1, 3, and 4. The SGP that CIMSA UNISSULA has currently done is SGP level 1, called “Training for Trainers”. “Training for Trainers” is a training for SCORE and SCOME UNISSULA members to deepen their understanding of basic research knowledge, starting from selecting topics to analyze data. The title of our event is Get-ReTech (Get to Know Research Techniques) which focus on research designs that are used as a reference for making scientific papers, especially for medical students. The making of the SGP project that we did was not purely done by us as SCORE CIMSA UNISSULA, but we collaborated with SCOME CIMSA UNISSULA to hold the event, because we find this event to be very helpful for other medical students in helping their future researches.

Webinar Poster of Get-ReTech

Get-ReTech (Get to Know Research Techniques) as SGP lev.1 is a one-day event that was held on Sunday, 16 August 2020 at 1 p.m in an online platform via Zoom Meeting. The project started with a welcoming speech by Najib as the project officer of the event and the LOCO of CIMSA UNISSULA, Yodha Bakti, and continued by a pre-test for about 3 minutes. After the pre-test, we enter the core of the event, which was a presentation of the material by the speaker. Dr. Rita Kartika Sari, SKM, M Kes. as our lecturer and at the same time the board of DPW PPNI JATENG RESEARCH DIVISION and KOMINFO was our main speaker in this event. She is known as someone who is enthusiastic, known as a good person by her students, and has high integrity in research. As mentioned before, the material presented contains matter about research designs, especially epidemiological study designs, both descriptive and analytical. Everything was well explained starting from each model, advantages, disadvantages, and many others. The speaker session lasted for 90 minutes, starting from 01.15 p.m. to 02.45 p.m. and followed by a question and answer (QnA) session. There were 3 audiences who had the opportunity to ask question to the speaker, proving that the enthusiasm for the event was great. The event ended at 03.00 p.m. and was closed with a group photo session. We are very grateful because the event was completed very well with minimal obstacles.

Presentation From Dr. Rita Kartika Sari, SKM, M Kes. As The Speaker 

We hope that Get-ReTech (Get to Know Research Techniques) will be remembered and has sustainable benefits for the participants to carry out research at a later date. Then we also hope that this event could be a good first step for SCORE CIMSA UNISSULA in carrying out its activities ahead. 


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