GEMEC (Gerakan Mencegah Kolesterol) - SCOPH CIMSA FK UNS

GEMEC (Gerakan Mencegah Kolesterol) - SCOPH CIMSA FK UNS


High blood cholesterol is a serious problem because it is one of the main risk factors for coronary heart disease in addition to other factors, namely high blood pressure and smoking. If not treated immediately, high cholesterol levels will cause narrowing of the blood vessels, thereby increasing the risk of stroke or heart attack. Based on data from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia (2022), hypercholesterolemia sufferers in Indonesia are quite high, namely 28% and of the total hypercholesterolemia sufferers, 7.9% of people in the world died. In Central Java itself, based on the Non-Communicable Disease Profile (2016), there are 48.1% of the population suffering from hypercholesterolemia. Meanwhile, according to Surakarta City Health Profile data (2018) shows that the prevalence of hypercholesterolemia in Surakarta is 3.33% or 1,862 sufferers with the area with the highest prevalence being in the Kratonan Community Health Center with 221 people, while the lowest is in Pucangsawit Community Health Center with 13 people. .

Therefore, SCOPH CIMSA FK UNS held the GEMEC (Cholesterol Control Movement) activity which is an activity based on education with the aim of increasing knowledge and awareness of CIMSA FK UNS members and the general public regarding cholesterol, especially how to prevent hypercholesterolemia through training, campaigns and healthy tent at Surakarta City Hall for 2 days which will be measured by an increase in pretest to posttest scores of 15% after carrying out the activity.


GEMEC consists of several series of activities starting with pre-activity training which will be held on March 21 2024 offline with material on cholesterol, normal preventive levels, procedures for using GCU, and handling high cholesterol delivered by PHLT trainer CIMSA FK UNS. The series continued with an intervention in the form of a healthy tent which was held on March 23 2024 at Surakarta City Hall and a ground campaign targeting the local community. The series of GEMEC activities closed with a social media campaign in the form of QnA and BINGO.

The impact resulting from this activity was quite large, including 19 participants taking part in pre-activity training, 42 people were successfully educated and participated in health checks, and 15 people became volunteers in the intervention. This activity produces quite satisfying impacts. This event was very impactful and found interest among the participants.


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