(Fight Against HIV & AIDS Stigmatization and Become An Educated Society)


Stigmatization of ODHA and ODHIV still occurs in many communities. A lot of people aise stigmas towards ODHA&ODHIV without knowing the fact about it. This phenomenon happened because of the lackness of our society’s knowledge about the real truth of HIV&AIDS. FREEDOM is an activity organized by SCORA CIMSA Unsoed with the theme "Fight Against HIV & AIDS Stigmatization and Become An Educated Society" in commemoration of world AIDS day 2020. The FREEDOM aims to increase the knowledge and awareness of SCORA CIMSA Unsoed members regarding HIV & AIDS and also to campaign on ending the stigmatization towards ODHA&ODHIV.

One of the FREEDOM activities were online LPET as well as talk shows with LPPSLH and social media campaigns. LPET was held on December 13, 2020 with a resource from Human Resources Trainer, Winna Adelia Amru. Online LPET and talk shows conducted at zoom meetings. Meanwhile, the social media campaign was carried out through Instagram TV by uploading videos about people's perspectives on ODHA / ODHIV and spotify in the form podcast with a resource from the Angsa Merah, dr. Adiyana Esti. After carrying out the activities of the SCORA CIMSA Unsoed, members held a ground campaign by educating others using posters.

LPET and talk shows organized by SCORA CIMSA Unsoed were attended by 31 SCORA members. The involvement of members with the topic of stigmatization of HIV & AIDS made this activity interactive between the speaker and the participants. Even though it was held online, the participants got the benefits and insights from this training and talkshow. This is indicated by the increase in participants' knowledge of related topics as assessed by the increase in the pretest and posttest scores.

The activity to commemorate World AIDS Day is a form of the seriousness of CIMSA UNSOED, especially SCORA in eliminating the stigmatization of ODHA&ODHIV. In addition, this activity is a step towards making people educated and understand HIV & AIDS. By doing this activity, one of it was LPET, we have increase the knowledge and awareness of our member by 21%, according to the increasing result of the post-test compared to their pre-test. Beside that, we have help increase the awareness of our society by uploading the IGTV and Podcast as our social media campaign.

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