Sunday morning on November, 4th 2018, SCOPE CIMSA UNEJ held a project called EXPLORER (Exchange People Goes Around Jember), at Jenggawah Cacoa & Coffee Factory. In this project we introduce our new member about SCOPE and also played many games. Not only members of SCOPE came to the project but also member from the other SCO such as SCOPH, SCORP, and SCORA.

    Before we went to Pusat Penelitian Kopi Kakao, we gathered at Faculty of Medicine Jember University at 07.00 a.m. After we arrived, we starting from registration new member and SCOPE member. First, we did Hallo Scopeople, it was the introduction of new members to other members. And then we did general introduction about SCOPE presented by Asri Ayu Firdausi. And then the second presentation called PIIT, it was starting from what is SCOPE, what is outgoing/incoming, how to prepare to receive incoming, how we exchange to other countries, and each other explained by Rahma, as LEO SCOPE Faculty of Medicine Jember University. The activity continued with SWG (Small Working Group), divided into 6 groups. These groups are making a group discussion and then the discussion results will be presented.

    The next activity is playing games, which are divided into 10 groups and there are 4 post games. The first game is Nationality Characteristic, in this game you will be given 2 choices of pictures about flags, food, places, and each other’s from various countries in the world, the most group took the correct pictures who will win and got a peace of SCOPE sticker. The second game is You Hear Me? in this game you will be given one word in 1 paper held by the guard post above the head of the group member who will guessed the word, one group member will guess the word is closed ear with earphones and the other members will say the word that has been given, just like the first game that wins will get a piece of SCOPE stickers. The third game is Find the Price, this games we will look for 3 prices of food in the chocolate gift shop, and will be mentioned quickly 3 clue names of food by postal guards, the group that reports the fastest and most correct of the three names of food will get a piece of SCOPE stickers. And the fourth games called First Come, First Serve, this game will be played a song and provided paper on the floor, in this games there are more members than the paper, when the song starts then all members will surround the paper, when the song stops then the members will immediately step on one of the papers, so there is one member who doesn't get to step on the paper. A group that survives will win, and get a piece of SCOPE stickers.


    After all groups enter all posts, the game is complete. The group that collects the most stickers will win. After the games are finished, continue with rest and pray. The next activity is tour around the chocolate factory using a wooden train. After that, we can buy chocolate in the chocolate shop. We returned to the gazebo to announce the winner of the game and the event ends with took some photos with the new members and SCOPE members. The new members looked very happy after following explorer activities. We hoped by Explorer, SCOPE members can provide many useful experiences in the future.


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