(Exchange? Pek Atoeh Antusias!)


On Tuesday, 21st April of 2020, SCOME CIMSA FK UNISBA in affiliation with CIMSA FK UNPAD held an event called “EXPECTORANT: Exchange? Pek Atoeh Antusias!” The event was attended by members of KM FK UNISBA who already filled the assessment via google form. The contents of the event are: to show and tell what kind of exchange programs that are provided by CIMSA, to introduce SCORE and SCOPE to members of KM FK UNISBA, and to intrigue and motivate members of KM FK UNISBA, especially members of CIMSA FK UNISBA, to join the program.


Presentation of the content using Zoom Meeting

With the help of LORE and LEO of CIMSA FK UNPAD the event was held successfully. The event was held from 18.45 until 20.30. With total amount of 90 + 15 minutes extra for briefing purpose. Contents were presented with Microsoft Power Point slides via online by using Zoom Meeting for the webinar, LINE application for messaging, and Google form for assessment purposes. The reason why this event was held via Zoom Meeting was because of the pandemic of COVID-19, Physical distancing and the government’s restrictions for holding an event with more than five participants.

The objectives of this events are:

  1. To motivate members of KM FK UNISBA to join the exchange programs provided by CIMSA
  2. To highlights the importance of learning other language such as English.
  3. To highlights the benefit of doing exchange; such as meeting another medical student out of Indonesia, learning their culture and to accept challenge by adapting.

The Benefit that we got from holding this event are:

  1. Getting to know the exchange program and their benefit
  2. Knowing what are the different features between SCORE and SCOPE exchange programs
  3. Getting to know how to join the exchange programs provided by SCORE and SCOPE CIMSA

Presentation about exchange 

What is hope in this event’s continuity; it could be hold again next time in the future with improved contents and procedure. Lastly, the evaluation of this event is merely based on its procedure and publication. Because based on its objective and target, this event could pronounced as a successful event. But for its lack of publication and preparation we think this event should got an improvement if this event will be done again in the future. But based on how big the enthusiasm of the participants who participate on QnA session this event actually have great potency and probably could be better event in the future.


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