Exchange Fair is a project held by SCOPE and SCORE CIMSA UI to promote CIMSA-IFMSA Exchange Program. Exchange Fair had a few events consisting of an online campaign, online discussion forum, booklet, and talk show as our main event. We created an online discussion forum through LINE OpenChat targeted towards IKM FKUI students interested in the SCOPE and SCORE Exchange Program. As of now, there are 65 participants in the Exchange Fair LINE OpenChat. We made two air campaigns with the social media platform Instagram. We held two air campaigns through social media Instagram on March 22nd and 24th of 2021. The first online campaign we created is the "this or that” challenge.

Meanwhile, we created the second online campaign to know about the preferred exchange location as a student. The main event for our project is the talk show that was held on 27th March 2021.

The talk show is titled “Be Au Fait with CIMSA Exchange Program." The first part of our event starts with a brief explanation about the SCOPE and SCORE exchange program given by our LORE, Theodora Megumi, and LEO OUT, Patricia Rosalind.

The second part of our event is the talk show with three former outgoings as our speaker where they talk about the benefits and experience they have got from participating in SCOPE and SCORE exchange programs. They are dr. Kevin Varian Marcevianto as SCOPE former outgoing from Sweden, dr. Lara Asristya as SCOPE former outgoing from Japan, and Riana Moegandi as SCORE former outgoing from the Czech Republic. The talk show was held via Zoom meeting with a total of 40, which was also streamed live through the YouTube platform. The series of events in our project Exchange Fair was participated by IKM FKUI students, with total participants of 105. We also made and distributed an electronic booklet, which is available for all IKM FKUI students, containing more detailed information about the SCOPE and SCORE Exchange Program. We hope, through Exchange Fair, IKM FKUI students will be more open to the available exchange programs. We also wish IKM FKUI students to have more interest in participating and enroll in CIMSA Exchange Program.


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