Hello, CIMSA! I hope we're doing well. What is Exchange Fair? To explain briefly, Exchange Fair is an annual campaign held by SCORE and SCOPE to attract students who are interested in participating in student exchange in the field of research exchange (SCORE) as well as professional exchange (SCOPE). SCORE and SCOPE CIMSA UNISSULA has held an Exchange Fair from 18 April through Instagram to May 8 through a Zoom meeting.


All of CIMSA UNISSULA's activities are conducted online, including our SCOPE & SCORE's Exchange Fair. This is all done because of a pandemic that requires all of us to do social distancing or stay at home. CIMSA UNISSULA's Exchange Fair 2020 started with promotions through our social media platforms namely LINE and Instagram. On Instagram, we have provided spoilers through stories on IGTV, so we hope all of the students know what CIMSA-Exchange is. Lastly, a Zoom meeting was held on May 8, 2020, from 20:00 to 22.15.

The Zoom talk show was attended by all CIMSA members of Unissula Faculty of Medicine students and several national committees of SCORE and SCOPE. This talk show consisted of 2 sessions. The first session was a presentation about SCOPE by successors LEO In (Indri) and LEO Out (Gita) this year. They first explained briefly about the flow of exchange if you want to join a Professional Exchange, the differences between SCOPE Exchange and SCORE Exchange, and then more specifically on how to join the Professional Exchange, starting from buying AF, how many countries can be chosen and the different difficulty levels. After the presentation was finished, VNI SCOPE (Alexader Sulistiyo) responded to what needed to be straightened out from the presentation. This session ended with a question and answer session.

The second session was about Research Exchange. The presentation of the SCORE was presented by NORE (Kevin Alvaro) whom we invited to fill in so that our presentation was more comprehensive. The presentation focused on the flow of exchange, the differences between the 2 exchange programs, as well as the focus of the SCORE Research Exchange project, such as basic laboratories, clinical, clinical combined with basic labs, and GAP research projects. The presentation also discussed in detail on how to choose our NMO exchange later, what we have to prepare before the selection, and also what it was like to do a research exchange. VNI SCORE (Hilya) who was invited also gave extra information about the exchange. After the presentation, we then continued with a sharing session about exchange experience.

This activity ended with a closing by LOCO of CIMSA UNISSULA (Yodha Bakti) as the moderator and as well as a Zoom group photo by screenshot. SCORE and SCOPE CIMSA UNISSULA hopes that in the next chance our Exchange Fair can bring in more participants and improve greatly. Thank you.


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