(Exchange The World)


Exchange The World (ETW) is a program implemented by CIMSA FK USK through SCORE - SCOPE as the implementer to realize one of the goals of the two SCOs, namely, making FK students able to compete and develop themselves in the international world through the exchange program.  Therefore, this event is a forum and a first step towards realizing this goal by attracting FK students to be able to exchange and purchase application forms in April 2021, as a registration requirement for future exchanges.  This event basically will continue in the future while maintaining the enthusiasm of the participants in order to keep running this exchange program.

This event will take place on Saturday, April 17, 2021 through the Virtual Zoom Meeting, starting from 13.00 s.d.  done.  The event begins with re-registration of participants who have previously registered, on April 13-16 2021, through online registration in the form of a form opened by OC.  With the theme "Beyond the Boundaries", during the event, both OCs, performers, and participants used a virtual background with the flags of their respective dream countries.

The formal opening ceremony began with remarks by PO ETW Ratu Cheumala Mulya, LOCO CIMSA USK Hibban Ar Royyan, NEO OUT Clauvinna Adhityana Lie, and the Dean of FK USK represented by dr.  Teuku Romi Imansyah Putra, M.K.T, and ended with a prayer reading.  Then transition from MC to Moderator.

Before entering into a series of materials and talk shows, participants were asked to do a pretest to be able to measure how much knowledge the participants had before receiving the material and sharing about the exchange.

The first material was delivered by LORE and LEO CIMSA FK USK, which explained about the exchange flow, how to purchase the Application Form, how to complete the exchange registration documents, and so on.  There was a question and answer session after giving the material and it was closed by giving a certificate and a group photo.

Unlike the ETW in previous years, ETW 2021 presented NORE from IFSMA Egypt and IFSMA Germany as the second speaker.  The material presented was the SCORE Exchange Program in their country. Here, participants become aware of the differences in exchange flows in each country, the social programs being run and things that need to be prepared before making an exchange to that country. The session was continued with questions and answers, giving certificates, and group photos.  Then the event was paused for the Asr prayer break.

After the Asr prayer break, the event was reopened with ice breaking to break the ice.  ice breaking is a map guessing game, where participants have to guess the name of the country from the blind map that is served.  Two game winners get rewards in the form of Gopay / OVO balance.

The method was continued with a sharring session which was delivered in the form of a talk show, with an ex-outgoing SCOPE resource person, dr. Jasmine A. Putri, BMedSc, who made an exchange to Denmark and ex-outgoing SCORE kak Riana Putri Moegandi, who had left for the exchange to the Czech Republic.  Guided by the moderator, the two ex-outgoingers shared their journey and experience in conducting the exchange. Several questions were given by the moderator to the presenters regarding experiences and tips in running the exchange and participants were also given the freedom to ask questions.  The session was closed by submitting a certificate and a photo with the resource person.

After the material session and talkshow ended, participants filled out a post-test to assess how much the participants' knowledge about the exchange had improved after participating in ETW.  The event ended with the announcement of the best participants and a group photo session.  Hopefully the implementation of this event can be useful for OC itself, CIMSA officials and members, and for the participant.


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