(Disaster Management for Special Needs Children)


Around 15-20% of the world population are persons with disabilities and they have 2-4 times higher disaster mortality rates compared to those without disabilities. They may be placed at increased disaster risk because of their cognitive or physical impairments, which resulting in the limitation to access information and to act on that information. SCORP CIMSA UGM saw these facts as a concerning matter. Yogyakarta is one of the city that has high risk of disaster. Along with the beauty of its nature, it also carries disaster risk such as earthquake, volcanic eruption, storm, and landslide. SLB B Karnnamanohara is a special school for children with hearing impairment that is located in Yogyakarta. The lack of disaster management education and proper evacuation system encourage us to improve the disaster risk reduction for the children there through community development DIAMOND.

DIAMOND’s first intervention focuses on the pre-disaster preparedness, earthquake, and volcanic eruption. Before the intervention, SCORP members had pre-project training about emergency preparedness for children with disabilities from ASB’s training coordinator and training officer, Mbak Rani and Mbak Nisa.

On Friday, 6th of September 2019, the first intervention was hold at SLB B Karnnamanohara. The participants that are also the community target for this community development are 9 students from the 5th grade. The intervention started with mini games called ‘TAS SIAGA’ where the children were asked to categorized things based on its importance during disaster. Then, we proceeded with storytelling using illustration pictures. The story was about earthquake and volcanic eruption. During the storytelling, the OC were also demonstrating several actions that should be taken during the preparation or the disaster itself. The students were so enthusiastic and they started following the demonstration excitedly. After the storytelling ended, we asked the students to do mini simulation related to the story. Lastly, we played Kartu Benar Salah. For each scenario, there are two pictures describing the wrong action and the correct action that should be taken related to disaster. The students were asked to choose which picture is correct and the reason why it is correct.


Aside from the fun and warmness we had with the kids at SLB B Karnnamanohara, we are contented that the main focus of our intervention can be delivered well to the children. The students managed to understand the materials given during the intervention and they managed to apply it during the mini simulation. SCORP CIMSA UGM hopes that we can continue to improve the children’s knowledge about disaster and spread awareness about inclusivity in disaster risk reduction to broader society through this community development.


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