(Diabetes Diet For Better Life)


Diabetter (Diabetes Diet for Better Life) is an annual event from SCOPH UNISBA made to take part in celebrating World Diabetes Day. This year we choose to highlight the topic of the significance relationship between a healthy diet and diabetes in an attempt to lower the risk of diabetes, in which discuss the importance of a well-balanced nutrition as the preventive steps in lowering the risk of diabetes, that includes making the right food choices and diet regimen.

The event started with an educational online campaign, using an interactive approach intent to engage the people’s interest. The content of mentioned before includes an educational trivia debunking a common misconception in diabetes called “Myth or Fact” where people can choose to answer whether the statement at hand is a myth or a fact followed by in depth explanation of the answer with a reliable source. 

The campaign continued with a fun challenge to encourage people incorporating a healthy menu on their everyday diet called “What’s in My Plate Challenge”. The challenge is to take a picture or a video of the participant healthy menu that fulfill the requirements of a healthy, low-sugar, diabetic-safe diet that is also convenient for non-diabetic people. The challenge will be posted on Instagram Story and will be judged based on specific criteria set by the steering committee. The winner of the challenge will receive a prize. 

The main event take place in 28th of November 2020 via Zoom Meeting which is webinar with dr. Rizky Suganda, M.Kes, PhD C and Medical Nutrition Consultant Doctor as our speaker, discussed the influence of diet on the risk of developing diabetes and how to implement the right diet to lower the risk of diabetes or a diet for diabetes prevention. The webinar also includes an online discussion session or “QnA’s” and ended with a cooking demonstration of chosen healthy menu aired on Zoom.

The event went incredibly well, the attendees were actively participating in all of activities provided. After the online lecture session ended, the QnA session were filled with so many great questions to further understand the chosen topic presented. There was a significant increase in the pre-test and post-test score, which proves how much impact were made by this online seminar. On that note, this event could potentially increase the society awareness about diabetes and took part in a long term solution to decrease diabetes incidence. 


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