(Cease Tuberculosis by Community Engangement with SCOPH)


Surabaya is one of the most significant contributors to tuberculosis patients in East Java, with an estimated 10,696 cases in 2020 (SITB, 2021). although case reports are decreasing, tuberculosis cases are expected to increase due to the decline in active tracing during this pandemic (TIRTO ID, 2020).
SCOPH CIMSA UNAIR, in commemoration of World Tuberculosis Day on March 24, held a series of COUGH (Cease Tuberculosis by Community Engagement with SCOPH) events to increase public awareness that tuberculosis is still around us.

Our program consists of three series of events. The first is a talk show with a TB survivor, namely Rachmat from the PETA organization via Live Instagram, held on Friday, March 9, 2021. Through this talk show, we know other perspectives of TB sufferers from the difficulties they face. In the healing process.
The second is COUGH Go To School (CGTS) on Saturday, March 10, 2021. We held outreach to secondary schools in the city of Surabaya to Medan about tuberculosis. In this program, we first held an exercise led by an instructor and continued with a focus group discussion on tuberculosis and its relation to malnutrition. A total of 36 students participated in this event actively and happily. As a follow-up, we held Poster Socialization Challenge to share their knowledge they have got in CGTS with their relatives or friends. 

The last event was the COUGH Webinar: Overcoming TB in a Pandemic, Challenges, and Management attended by 76 participants. Ms. Siva filled the webinar, a young health activist from the IMUT ( Indonesia Muda Untuk TB) organization, who explained the condition of tuberculosis during the pandemic, government programs to tackle TB, and the role that young people can play in tackling TB. During the question and answer session, participants actively asked questions and discussed them with Ms. Siva.
Apart from our three main events, we also held an online campaign. In addition, we held a Mystery hunts challenge and online donation. The donation will be given to tuberculosis patients through Rekat Surabaya Organization. 
From this event, SCOPH members learned other perspectives of TB sufferers that could be useful for us in treating patients in the future. Hopefully, the events we hold can be helpful, inspire many people and help the government eliminate TB by 2030 in Indonesia!


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