(Community of Hypertension Eradicator)


One of CIMSA FK Unpad’s sustainable project is CORONER, stands for Community of Hypertension Eradicator. Its goal is to decrease the prevalence of hypertension in Cipacing village, because, based on research in 2014, in Cipacing, there were 59.7% of people who got hypertension. It is held for 4 years. This year is the last intervention of this project. Its target is Cipacing cadres and people, especially RW 08 which is divided into 3 RT which are RT 1,2 and 3.

Now, CORONER has entered the last year and we are committed to making the theme: Hypertension, its prevention, and its medication because nowadays, people usually have already known about hypertension but don’t know how to prevent and cure it.


On the first intervention, which was carried out on Saturday, September 21, 2019, in a field near the mosque of Cipacing, we did a lot of activities on this occasion. we started the activity with preparation and introduction. Here, we explain to the cadres and Yayasan Jantung Indonesia that we are from CIMSA FK UNPAD where CIMSA is a non-profit, non-political, non-governmental, and independent organization consisting of medical students and focused on improving national health by empowering medical students. After that, we prepared for a gymnastic called Senam Jantung Sehat in the morning. We were having so much fun with the participants from Desa Cipacing and also the instructor and the members of Yayasan Jantung Indonesia. As we know the benefit of this activity is to maintain heart health and prevent the occurrence of hypertension. This activity lasted from 8.45 am until 9.45 am.

After that, we gathered all the participants in front of the mosque and let them take a rest for a while. We also served them with food and drink and had small talk with them.

They also got knowledge about how to maintain heart health as well as the activities that can be done to maintain it from  Mrs. Ratu as one of the members of Yayasan Jantung Indonesia. We hoped it can help to increase their awareness about how important heart health is. There was also the session for them to ask about a healthy lifestyle, gymnastics: Senam Jantung Sehat, etc.

After that, they got an education from Community Development Director of CIMSA FK Unpad about Hypertension, its prevention, and medication. They had already known a lot about hypertension when the speaker gave an explanation about it. Besides, they also told us about prevention and medication that they usually had had before. And also they wanted this gymnastic to be held regularly every week. So, we created the club with the leader was Ibu Omah to manage this regular activity that they wanted.


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