(Communication All About Breast Milk)

World Breastfeeding Week is an annual celebration that is held on 1 until 7 August. SCOPH CIMSA UNAIR celebrated this year’s World Breastfeeding Week by holding an event called COLOSTRUM: Communication All About Breast Milk. COLOSTRUM aims to increase awareness and knowledge about breast milk and breastfeeding, for these two have so many benefits for both the mother and the baby. This activity is divided into three parts: pre-activity, the main event, and post-event.

Pre-activity consisted of upgrading for the members of SCOPH CIMSA UNAIR and the online campaign, both held on 21 August. The upgrading was done in the form of training with the topic of “The Importance of Breastfeeding at Certain Ages” and “Anamnesis”, brought by dr. Kartika Dharma, Sp. A. (K) and dr. Marani Bafianti, respectively. The online campaign includes “myth or fact” posters about breastfeeding and a video by Vera Evelyn, Ns., a working mom, on tips & tricks for working moms who breastfed their babies. The online campaign was uploaded to Instagram (@cimsaunair) and Facebook (CIMSA UNAIR). The video has reached 649 views on Instagram.

The main event of this activity was carried out on 28 August. It consisted of a talk show and workshop that was open to the public. The talk show mainly discussed breast milk and breastfeeding during the pandemic. There are two speakers for the talk show, Nia Umar, S.Sos., MKM, IBCLC from GKIA (Gerakan Kesehatan Ibu dan Anak) and Sri Sukotjo, a nutrition specialist from UNICEF. It was moderated by dr. Dendy Dwi Kurniaputra, an Obgyn resident at FK UNAIR. As for the workshop, it was given by Setiya Hartiningtiyaswati, SST, M.Keb., a lactation counselor and the head of AIMI (Asosiasi Ibu Menyusui Indonesia) Jawa Timur. The topic discussed in this workshop was how to pump and store breast milk properly. The number of participants reached 110 people for the talk show and 81 people for the workshop.

The post-event was held in the form of telemedicine, starting from 30 August until 3 September, via WhatsApp and Zoom Meeting. This telemedicine aims to facilitate patients, especially mothers, to get a consultation from doctors. The doctors who contributed to this telemedicine were dr. Renata Violia, dr. Lucky Natya, dr. Rizqi Suryani Putri, and dr. Noor Assyifa, Sp. OG. This telemedicine marks the closing of COLOSTRUM. We hope that COLOSTRUM brings benefits to everyone who participated! Happy World Breastfeeding Week!


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