(Collaborative health day)


On April 18th, MECO MMSA UMY held a Collaborative Health Day (COHEAD) activity. Collaborative Health Day (COHEAD) is an Interprofessional Education (IPE) training activity for the first and second-year students from medicine, dentistry, nursing, and pharmacy FKIK UMY. The background for implementing this activity was due to the insufficient knowledge of students about the role of each existing health profession. So, by holding this project, we hope that students will be able to recognize the role of their profession and the roles of other professions as health workers who will later form a team to improve the service of health workers in Indonesia.
COHEAD was held for one day. In addition, before project implementation, internal training was carried out to provide knowledge to MECO members about Interprofessional Education (IPE) by Medical Education Trainers (MET).

Because the project was held in the middle of a pandemic, COHEAD 2021 had to be carried out online through the Zoom Meeting. This activity begins with the grand lecture agenda by dr. Ika Setyawati, M.Sc. regarding IPE in general to four professions. After that, we held small class sessions.

Then, the participants were divided into breakout rooms, and each breakout room was filled with a mentor to explain the profession's role in cooperation between professions. After the small class session, participants were again divided into breakout rooms and other study programs to carry out a small working group. Finally, participants from the four study programs discussed the material provided through the five steps method.
The implementation of COHEAD 2021 was welcomed by the Medical Education Unit (Medu) and welcomed by students, as evidenced by the enthusiasm of registrants who exceeded the target of 46 registrants. Hopefully, the holding of COHEAD 2021 will introduce and provide earlier knowledge about IPE to early-level students of FKIK UMY.


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