To increase the knowledge and interest of Indonesian students on the subject of English, on the 29th of October 2018, SCOPE CIMSA FK UIN SH held its first intervention for CHEESE (Cheers with English). CHEESE is the first community development activity of SCOPE CIMSA FK UIN SH, with five interventions in October to November of 2018. The participants, who were 48 chosen students  from grade 7 of Madrasah Pembangunan, were divided into two classes to increase the effectiveness of the studying process. The materials taught in this project correlates with their subject in class, in the purpose of helping them understand the subjects better when they learn it later with their respective teachers.

The subject of our first intervention was days of the week, dates, months, and years. The class started by reviewing days of the week by taking turns in saying what each day of the week was, and then spelling it. We then do the same thing with months. Afterwards, we separated the class into even smaller groups, and used games to increase their interest and understanding. Each group consisted of six to seven students, handled by two to three people. The game that was played was matching ordinal numbers to its spelling, for example, matching ‘1st’ to ‘first’, with the numbers ranging from first to thirtieth. The students seemed very excited to be learning with games. After the game, we reviewed the spelling of the ordinal numbers again by having each student in the group read the number we showed them.


Following the ordinal numbers, we repeated the months of the years again by saying each month together. The students were very active and even tried be louder than the other groups. Next, we taught the students how to read years. To do this, we had writings of the years before and after 2000, since there are differences in reading them. In the end of the class, we asked the students to tell us their date of births in the way that they have learned during this lesson.  


We hope that SCOPE CIMSA FK UIN SH, with this activity, has managed to improve the students’ understanding of this subject better, and increase their interest in learning English. We hope that we can continue to make English fun and interesting for the students, and motivate them to use English more, not just during this event, but also in everyday lives.


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