(Change Your Perspective About HIV/AIDS and Know How to Act)


On World AIDS Day, December 1st, 2019, SCORA CIMSA Unsoed held an activity named Change Your Perspective About HIV/AIDS and Know How To Act (CHAKRA). This activity began on November 30th, 2019 and consisted of a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) between CIMSA Unsoed and LPPSLH Purwokerto, a talk show with field coordinator from LPPSLH, Mr. Rozak Abidin, about HIV/AIDS and people with ODHIV who become peer educator for other ODHIV in their community, a Level 3 LPET with PETRA, and finally a Ground Campaign.


The theme that we for this year is more towards focusing on people's perspectives towards the ODHIV. The FGD and talk show also discussed the factual data in society about HIV deployment in Banyumas that increases every year in different age groups. CIMSA Unsoed members and people in general also have to respond to this problem, find the root of this false accusation, and search for the solutions. In the talk show, we invited people to come and meet the ODHIV directly and hear the story of their life as an ODHIV.  The audiences were enthusiastic in asking at the QnA session and after the talk show ended, they asked for extra time so they could ask the speaker more. They confirmed that this is the first time they’ve met the ODHIV, which is far from their expectations and stigma before.

After that, the activity continued with a Level 3 LPET with PETRA, Falah Dinar, and Azzam Taqiyuddin, from CIMSA UMP as trainers. This training was attended by the member of Young On Top (YOT) Purwokerto, our external partner, and members from CIMSA Unsoed itself. Level 3 LPET discussed HIV/AIDS and Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) with members of YOT and CIMSA Unsoed. They were enthusiastic to learn and get more knowledge from this LPET.

The last event for this activity is the ground campaign that was held on Sunday, December 1st, 2019, at GOR Satria also along with LPPSLH Purwokerto, YOT Purwokerto, and Komisi Penanggulangan AIDS Daerah (KPAD) Purwokerto. In this part of the event, CIMSA Unsoed educated people about HIV/AIDS and invited the people to do free VCT that was being held by KPAD. The ground campaign at GOR Satria Purwokerto also invited people to break those negative stigma about HIV/AIDS. After the campaign, we concluded that many people still don’t know about HIV transmissions and the medicine to suppress HIV with antiretroviral. They also did not know about CSE which is still taboo in society. There are some people who thought ODHIV should be avoided because of myth and false information.


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