(Cegah Baby Blues dengan Antenatal Care)

In general, postpartum blues or baby blues is a form of emotional disturbance due to adjustment to the birth of a baby, which appears on the first day to the fourteenth day after the delivery process, with symptoms peaking on the fifth day. Postpartum blues show symptoms of mild depression experienced by mothers such as easy crying, feelings of loss and fullness of responsibility, fatigue, unstable mood swings, and weak concentration. In addition, the mother becomes irritable, may experience disturbances in eating and sleeping patterns. The postpartum blues can develop into symptoms of major depression. More than 20% of women who experience the postpartum blues will experience symptoms of major depression within one year of giving birth. If the postpartum blues are not treated seriously it will develop into postpartum depression and the most severe condition can cause postpartum psychosis. The postpartum blues often cause a disconnect between mother and child and interfere with the attention and guidance her baby needs to develop properly.

Antenatal Care (ANC) examination is a pregnancy examination that aims to improve the physical and mental health of pregnant women optimally so that they are able to face the postpartum period, postpartum, preparation for exclusive breastfeeding, and the return of normal reproductive health. . The provision of antenatal care (ANC) services has a positive impact on pregnancy because it allows the identification of risk factors and early diagnosis of pregnancy complications such as prematurity and appropriate management. Its positive impact can be achieved through screening for pregnancy problems, pregnancy risk assessment, treatment of problems that may arise during the antenatal period, administration of drugs that can improve pregnancy outcomes, providing information to pregnant women, preparing physically and psychologically for childbirth and parenthood.

Lack of knowledge about baby blues, especially for women, can have a negative impact on both the psychology of the mother and the development of her child. That's what prompted us as a committee to hold a webinar on preventing the baby blues with antenatal care. It is hoped that with this event, participants can gain broader knowledge or insight about the baby blues and antenatal care and can apply the knowledge gained to themselves and others.

This event was held on September 8, 2021, we started the Webinar through the ZOOM Meeting media. The main agenda is to explain the prevention of baby blues with antenatal care. After the presentation, it was followed by a question and answer session by the speakers and participants. This is to increase knowledge about the prevention of the baby blues with antenatal care and it is hoped that participants can apply it to themselves and others so that unwanted events due to the baby blues can be avoided.



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