BTS 2nd Intervention - SCOME CIMSA UI

BTS 2nd Intervention - SCOME CIMSA UI


BTS 2nd Intervention
(Breaking The Silence)

FKUI students have a specific set of academic schedules and are not able to freely take subjects from another faculty. However, understanding sign language as a doctor can be essential in eliminating the communication barrier between patient and doctor. Out of 106 FKUI students assessed, the average score of a questionnaire about sign language knowledge is 3.26, which is considered low. Therefore, sign language training for FKUI students is needed so they can communicate with deaf patients in the clinical year. This year, we held a community development about sign language, Breaking The Silence (BTS).
The objective of BTS is to train the organizing committee, who is a medical student, in understanding sign language, communicate in accordance to deaf culture by understanding deaf culture, organizing a good community development activity with the effort to increase medical student awareness about sign language and deaf culture, and improving FKUI student skill in understanding sign language that is expected to be useful for effective communication with people with hard of hearing as a patient at healthcare service in the clinical year.
BTS, an abbreviation for Breaking The Silence, is a community development held by SCOME CIMSA UI. The goal of this program is to increase the knowledge of FKUI student sign language. We held our second intervention on Saturday, September 25th, 2021 via an online meeting, Zoom.

The intervention started at 2 pm. We learned how to communicate using daily activities and interpersonal interactions dialogue in sign language. Unlike the first intervention, on the second intervention, since the beginning of the intervention, participants are directly divided into two rooms with each tutor, creating a very focused and interactive learning process.
The participants are very interactive and enthusiastic, both in the learning and game session. Participants were very eager to test their knowledge and perform the learned sign language. The opportunities to try the sign language themselves and communicate with the sign language were very fun and engaging while applying the learned subjects to applicable communication. There is 137.4% increase in participant knowledge, from the mean of pretest at 31.8% to post-test at 75.5%. This is also an improvement from the first intervention in which participant knowledge was increased by 73%.
We finished the first intervention at about 5.30 pm. We hope that BTS’s second intervention gives meaningful experiences and increases the knowledge about how to communicate in sign language, especially for FKUI students.


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