BTS 5.0 2nd Intervention - SCOME CIMSA FK Unpad

BTS 5.0 2nd Intervention - SCOME CIMSA FK Unpad


BTS 5.0 2nd Intervention
(Breaking The Silence)


Based on data obtained from the Ministry of Health's Data and Information Center journal entitled Deaf Disability, it was found that according to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2019, it was estimated that 466 million people in the world had hearing loss. Approximately 180 million deaf patients are from Southeast Asia, and 30.38 million are in Indonesia. From these statements, it can be said that the number of people with disabilities is quite large in the world, as well as in Indonesia.

In the journal "Supporting deaf patients who use sign language in general practice", the deaf in the UK said that they feel less confident in using primary health services, especially for those who have problems with reading and writing. In the worst case, lack of self-confidence can affect the use of general practitioner services so that they rely on health and treatment information provided by friends, family members, or social media, which is not suitable for their health condition.

What’s more, a survey conducted by SCOME CIMSA FK Unpad confirmed that FK Unpad students from the 2018-2020 class and doctors in the West Java region had a low level of sign language knowledge but had a high interest in participating in sign language training.
So, SCOME CIMSA FK Unpad organized Breaking The Silence (BTS) activities to provide medical students and doctors’ skills on how to communicate with deaf and speech-impaired patients, specifically sign language skills. There will be 4 interventions in this event. The first intervention was on 11 September and the last intervention will be implemented on 9 October.

The second day of Breaking The Silence was held on September 18th, 2021. In this meeting, the material was provided by a teacher from Pusat Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia (Pusbisindo) about the daily language of Indonesian sign languages, such as letters, numbers, ways of introduction, greetings, question words, and even family names. Not only that, but in this second meeting there is also a breakout room session where participants can discuss, ask questions, and also practice Indonesian sign language directly with the deaf from Pusbisindo.
There is also a sign language interpreter on the second day of Breaking The Silence from Pusat Juru Bahasa Isyarat (PLJ) which is an Indonesian sign language translator so that it is easier for participants to communicate directly with deaf teachers from Pusbisndo.


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