(Burnout Research in College Students During a Pandemic)


SGP-3 is a SCORE Unair event that conducts mini-research at the FK Unair. This event took the theme of student burnout during the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic causes social distancing, which forces everyone to stay at home and reduce activities outside the home. It has led to an increase in the incidence of stress (CDC, 2020). Some of the things that can happen due to stress are fatigue, isolation from work, and decreased performance. These things are a symptom of burnout (IQWiG, 2020). Therefore, research on the topic of Burnout in FK UNAIR pre-clinic students was selected, and it is hoped that the results can be used as a reference to improve the quality of FK UNAIR students. Besides, this research is expected to help SCORE members practice their research skills.

The purpose of this event was to determine the burnout level of preclinical students at the Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University, and train SCORE UNAIR members to carry out research activities. 

This event begins with upgrading members and learning how to make a good questionnaire by Bagas Arifandi (PC SCORE CIMSA 2020-2021). Then proceed with processing data from the questionnaire results that have been obtained with SCORE members. After that, a webinar was held on 'How To Deal with Student Burnout' by Insira Yumna Kisdianti (Co-Founder of ImbangDiri) and 'How to Handle Burnout' Hypnotherapy' by Dr. drg. Chairunnisa Amarta, Sp. BM, MNLP., ACC.

SGP 3 gives knowledge and experience to members SCORE in conducting mini-research. Besides, members SCORE were also taught to compile a questionnaire and continued with processing data from the research carried out. The webinar held at the end of the SGP 3 event provided benefits to participants on how to deal with burnout during the COVID-19 pandemic through tips and hypnotherapy methods. SGP 3 series of events can also be a means for members of SCORE to get closer and practice organization.

The research carried out by SCORE can provide data on the burnout level of FK UNAIR pre-clinic students in 2021. Meanwhile, the webinars conducted at the end of the event can provide solutions to overcome burnout among students. In addition to providing data on burnout levels to students, this event is also helpful in providing knowledge on how to deal with burnout. The SGP 3 series of events took place smoothly and cheerfully.


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