(Be Brave to Against Discrimination)


Discrimination is a negative treatment towards a person or a certain group. Discrimination still happens and can be found in society. It often began with prejudice, bias, a stereotype. Those three things can be caused by social status, someone or group’s behavior that's not common in another individual or group’s perspective, school, government, and media. Unfortunately, there are people who are still not concerned about the hazardous effects of prejudice, bias, and stereotype that can be inflicted.


Fundamentally, the earlier people or society avoid prejudice, bias, and stereotype, the easier to cut the link to prejudice, then discrimination will also be exterminated. For that reason, we need to raise awareness about the harmful effects of prejudice and discrimination in society.

On Sunday, November 24th, 2019, at GOR Satria Purwokerto, Observer SCORP CIMSA Unsoed held a project named Be Brave to Against Discrimination (BREAD). This is the first project from Observer SCORP CIMSA Unsoed. The aim of this event is to raise people's awareness of discrimination. The target is children and teenagers in school or college age. But before that, Observer SCORP CIMSA Unsoed open volunteering for Jenderal Soedirman University’s student. This volunteer got training to prepare themselves before intervention. The training talks about discrimination with Rr. Diyah Woro Dwi Lestari, S. Psi., MA. as the speaker, and academics from Medical Faculty of Jenderal Soedirman University). The training was held at Building B of Medical Faculty of Jenderal Soedirman University. It started with a pre-test, and then was continued with a material given by a speaker. The training was followed by simulation and ended with a post-test.


The next day, the volunteers were divided into groups. Then, they educated people including children and teenagers. In the end, there were a total of forty people who had been educated successfully and the majority of them gave better results in the post-test compared to the pre-test. Besides educating people, we also did hand stamp action as a concern’s form and ready to fight the discrimination.

After the activity, we hope that people who’ve been educated by the volunteers were able to gain knowledge and experiences, and we hope that awareness has been raised. We also hope the organizing committee, both members and volunteers are more aware of discrimination in the environment around them. For the people, especially in children or teenagers, we hope that they can understand discrimination, the effects, and harm for people who’ve been discriminated against so that discrimination can be suppressed.


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