(Belajar OSCE Bareng Abang Kakak)


One of the major concerns of medical students is OSCE especially for first-time OSCE participants.  0.08% of USU’s medical student of batch 2018 did not pass the OSCE in the even semester 2018/2019 and 0.03% did not pass in the odd semester 2020/2021. It might not be considered as a large number but it would be better to reduce it. We have found out that the inability to adapt to the OSCE system is one of the major reasons students tend to not pass OSCE. Because of this, Observer SCOME CIMSA USU has decided to hold Belajar OSCE Bareng Abang Kakak (BOBA) to help first-time OSCE participants in understanding the OSCE system, in hopes that it will reduce the unnecessary nerve-wracking concern regarding OSCE.


The recent COVID-19 pandemic has required all of us to stay at home, but we should never let the situation limit our productivity and chances to keep learning. Due to the current PSBB policy, BOBA was held online via video call. We wish that the transfer of knowledge delivered was as optimal as face-to-face learning process. BOBA was held for new CIMSA members of batch 2019 as students and CIMSA seniors as teachers. Through BOBA, we could study together and strengthen our bond as a CIMSA family.

BOBA is the first event of Observer SCOME CIMSA USU. BOBA participants consisted of 16 students and 8 facilitators. The participants were divided into several groups consisting of 2 teachers and 4 students to increase the focus of participants in learning. The event was led by a moderator in the group chat. Aside from online learning with the teachers, the participants were also equipped with learning modules and skills lab videos.  We also did not forget to add a few games to make learning activities more enjoyable.


BOBA acts as a platform that allows learning together in hopes to increase the knowledge and abilities of CIMSA USU members by as much as 70%. To measure it, we held a pretest before the event began and a posttest afterwards. At first glance, the benefits were seen only for the new members, however, seniors were also able to benefit from BOBA by recalling old knowledge.

With the realization of this event, we choose to believe that the impact of CIMSA was still reflected maximally. We hope that the impact can be felt by all of the individuals especially those who participated in Observer SCOME CIMSA USU’s first event. Let us all be productive and spread positivity during the quarantine.


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