(Breaking The Silence for Medical Students with SCOME CIMSA UNAIR 2021)


A doctor has to possess several areas of competence. One of that competence is Effective Communication, where a doctor must communicate well with patients, patient families, work partners, and society from various walks of life, including Deaf friends.

The deaf patient themselves access health services differently, so they find it difficult. One of the difficulties is the difficulty in communicating with medical personnel. Deaf patients visually look the same as hearing people access hearing people. The difficulty of an access hospital system that can support independent deafness, such as there is no writing about queues and often calling the queue even though Deaf friends cannot hear.

As already mentioned, Deaf friends have difficulty communicating with staff because doctors and other health workers do not prepare themselves to deal with deaf patients, even though effective communication is an essential thing in service. If communication is inadequate, it can lead to misdiagnosis and presenting therapy. According to Chaveiro, Porto, and Barbosa, 2009, Based on the experience of deaf patients, the quality of health services has increased that doctors understand language. 

Therefore, SCOME CIMSA UNAIR held BACILLUS (Breaking The Silence for Medical Education with SCOME CIMSA UNAIR) 2021. This activity was held for three days on 7, 12, and 14 February 2021.

On the first day, 7th February 2021, SCOME CIMSA UNAIR members learn about Deaf Culture and Daily BISINDO with Abhi Prayaifander, Willy Sidharta, and Elenora Moningka as the speaker.

On the second day, 12th February 2021, we learned about COVID-19 terms and history-taking terms in BISINDO with Vera Maulina and Elenora Moningka as the speaker.

On the last day, 14th February 2021, we learned about history taking with dr. Helmia Hasan, Sp.P (K) FCCP and practice history taking using BISINDO with The Unspoken Ministry team as the facilitator.

This activity's impact was measured by pre-test, post-test, follow-up, direct monitoring from the speaker, and activity evaluation. After this activity ended, SCOME CIMSA UNAIR members made videos for campaigns distributed through Instagram to increase awareness of medical students to be able to speak sign language so that we could provide the best service to the whole community Deaf person.


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