(Are You Ready to do a Research?)


Research for making COVID-19 Vaccine in Indonesia is still in progress. The making isn't as easy as we think. To create an effective and safe COVID-19 Vaccine for Indonesian people, researchers need to pass several clinical trials before the Vaccine can be distributed. Whereas, society is waiting for the coming of this Vaccine and doesn't know-how is the process of its making. 

To give society knowledge on how the process of making COVID-19 Vaccine and the updates of its making nowadays, Observer SCORE CIMSA Unsoed held a podcast entitled “Get to Know More About COVID-19 Vaccine”. This project aims to increase both society's knowledge about making COVID-19 Vaccine and the updates of COVID-19 Vaccine making nowadays that several researchers still conduct in Indonesia. Hopefully, by increasing society's experience, they can support this research and behave wisely in this waiting period.

This podcast is a part of the AURORA (Are You Ready to Do A Research) project to Research Campaign 2020. The Podcast poster campaigned on Instagram on November 25th, 2020. Listeners can access this podcast in Spotify GOTCHA (Good Talk with CIMSA Unsoed). We invite an expert speaker, dr. Agung Widodo, M. Si., M.Ked.Klin., Sp.MK, Ph.D. to share his knowledge about COVID-19 Vaccine with us. The second project in AURORA is the video "What They Say About Research," also posted on November 25th, 2020. In the video, we also show a compilation of our Q&A about research with lecturers of the Medical Faculty of Unsoed, several NCRE, and LOREs to increase medical students' interest and awareness in doing research. 

AURORA project (podcast and video) receives good responses from viewers and listeners. 411 viewers with 45 likes have seen the video, and 11 comments and podcast has been listened to by 16 listeners in 5 days. Many members of CIMSA Unsoed and Observer SCORE CIMSA Unsoed share the video and podcast’s poster in their snapgram, so that this information can get spread as widely as possible.

AURORA, as the manifestation of Research Campaign 2020 held by Observer SCORE CIMSA Unsoed is a form of our seriousness and contribution step in increasing medical students' interest and awareness on doing research. Also, giving society knowledge about the updates of COVID-19 Vaccine in this era of the pandemic.


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