(Avoiding Tuberculosis with Prevention and Education)


ATTENTION (Avoiding Tuberculosis with Prevention and Education) is a community development held by CIMSA UGM. This community development chose young adults (17 to 27 years old) of Kecamatan Gondomanan, Yogyakarta, to be its community target because of its relatively high tuberculosis cases.  There has not been an intervention before, making this the first intervention of ATTENTION. For ATTENTION 2021, we held three events, which are bonding (on 3rd April 2021), pre-project training (on 15th April 2021), and intervention (17th April 2021). 
As the COVID-19 pandemic situation has yet to improve, those three events were held via Zoom Meetings. Based on Zero TB Yogyakarta’s active tuberculosis case finding, many people refused to get examined because they are worried they will be condemned as a COVID-19 patient. So, the central theme for our first intervention is the differences between tuberculosis and COVID-19.

Before the intervention, we held a bonding (consists of an introduction and games session) and a pre-project training about tuberculosis which the Organizing Committee attended.

We invited a Public Health Leaders (PHL) from local CIMSA Universitas Gadjah Mada, Zaenab Roswina, to deliver materials on tuberculosis for our pre-project training.

Next, there was a Focus Group Discussion so that the Organizing Committee can apply their knowledge regarding tuberculosis.
We first delivered materials about tuberculosis vs. COVID-19 (causes, symptoms, transmission, risk factor, complication, prevention, and examination) to the community for our intervention. After that, there was also a roleplay session to apply their knowledge and develop their public speaking skill. They were given scenarios in which they need to act and improvise. They are expected to educate the other person about tuberculosis while roleplaying. Our pre-project training and intervention started with a pre-test. They ended with a post-test to measure the participants’ understanding of the materials, followed by a group picture.
We sincerely hope that the first intervention of ATTENTION could highlight the differences between tuberculosis and COVID-19. We also hope that the ATTENTION participants can be peer educators, educate people around them about tuberculosis with adequate knowledge, and develop public speaking skills. We also hope that ATTENTION, as a whole, could bring a positive impact to suppress tuberculosis cases in Kecamatan Gondomanan, Yogyakarta.


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