(Ayo Taklukan Kanker Payudara)


No woman nor man is immune to breast cancer. It’s one of the greatest number of cases that leads to death due to cancer alone.

Cancer is one of the lead causes of death. Nonetheless, when we hear breast cancer, misconceptions lie that only women can acquire it, however those of the male gender could be diagnosed with it too.

One of the simplest ways to check for lumps or if someone has the need to admit themselves to hospitals to check whether or not they could be having breast cancer is by a simple movement called SADARI. SADARI, itself stands for periksa payudara sendiri. The words may seem uncommon or even familiar.

However how many of us perform the movement or at least try them out? Someone could just have them as an extra information and not really do it. It would be a simple “Oh yeah, I know about that, what about it?”, Instead, they need to start putting actions towards their knowledge. Breast cancer is a dangerous illness, but with proper care and prevention, someone could actually prevent the progression of breast cancer stage.

In this event held on 11th October 2020, a webinar was held, the guest speakers educated the people regarding breast cancer; on how someone could acquire this illness. It could be from genetics or from some things that are modifiable such as our habits (e.g. smoking).

It’s not only about educating the participants, but also the story behind one of the survivors of breast cancer. Everyone has their own story and their own battles. In this session, the survivor told the participants that breast cancer is something that they can win against. The journey might be scary and may be filled with a lot of emotions, but it’s not an impossible battle. It’s a matter of perspective too.

Webinar session using Zoom Meeting

If you choose to see 'impossible' in a way you could win against it, it could turn into 'I’m possible'. Support and being surrounded by the people you love during battles that are too scary to face alone, helps.

Make your voice count, be a light out there for those who are fighting the same battles. Everyone’s circumstances during the fight might be different. However, in this case, they are fighting the same disease. Just with their own unique stories. Raise awareness regarding breast cancer and help others as you should. 


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