AMOEBA 6th Intervention - CIMSA Unsoed

AMOEBA 6th Intervention - CIMSA Unsoed


AMOEBA 6th Intervention
(Arcawinangun's move: no diarrhea with STBM and CIMSA
CIMSA Unsoed

AMOEBA is a local Community Development CIMSA Unsoed that raises the topic of diarrhea prevention by implementing the 5 pillars of STBM (Community-Based Total Sanitation) with a target in the form of cadres in the RW 8 Arcawinangun. The sixth intervention discusses household waste processing materials, and the implementation is carried out offline while still prioritizing health protocols and limiting the number of participants attending.

On Tuesday, June 1, 2021, CIMSA Unsoed carried out the sixth intervention in the Community Development AMOEBA (Arcawinangun's move: No diarrhea with STBM and CIMSA). This intervention was carried out offline in the form of direct discussions with local health cadres. This sixth intervention contains a material presentation on one of the STBM pillars in the form of the fourth pillar, namely "Household Waste Management".

Before carrying out the intervention, pre-project training was carried out which was attended by the AMOEBA committee. The intervention material was delivered in the form of a presentation from a trainer which had previously been prepared according to the topic presented, namely household waste management. The contents of this material emphasize more on the implementation of waste processing that is usually carried out by the local environment. The intervention began with the distribution of pre-test questions which were distributed using paper, then continued with the provision of material with the trainer through presentations, then ended with the distribution of post-test questions. In this offline intervention, we also enforce a health protocol by providing hand sanitizers and masks to participants.
The community of RW 8 Arcawinangun as a whole is open and very enthusiastic in participating in AMOEBA intervention events and also in their area there are often counseling events from the puskesmas and from other parties so that the programs that will run support each other to create a healthy community environment. The current pandemic situation does not dampen the enthusiasm of the community in participating in the intervention. In the future, the community also hopes that each AMOEBA intervention will have a positive impact and can slowly change their environment for the better.

With this intervention, it is hoped that the residents of RW 8 Arcawinangun will understand the application of the pillars of Household Waste Management to prevent diarrheal diseases and other environmental-based diseases, and are also always enthusiastic about participating in a series of programs from the Community Development AMOEBA CIMSA Unsoed.


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