Second Call for The 19th International Certificate Course (ICC) on the Principles of Bioethics & Human Rights

Second Call for The 19th International Certificate Course (ICC) on the Principles of Bioethics & Human Rights


The 19th International Certificate Course (ICC) on the Principles of Bioethics & Human Rights


About the Course

The International Batch of The International Certificate on The Principles of Bioethics and Human Rights in Health Science course for medical students worldwide will start from the 1st week of July 2021.

The course is 2-3 hours per week and will run for 24 weeks. Moreover, this course will have lecturers from international faculties from Australia, Canada, India, Israel, the USA, and the UK that will facilitate the teaching and assessment of the modules. However, once registered, students can choose their preferred dates and slots within the course that will be shared via registered email.

Pro. Dr. Russel D’Souza (Director of The Department of Education International Program UNESCO Chair in Bioethics, Haifa) had introduced a 15 weeks real-time webinar course for medical students with an international teaching faculty of the department of education.  Four batches of medical students from India and South Asia, two batches of medical students from Africa, and one batch of medical students worldwide have completed this course and received international certification. 

Upon successful completion of course requirements, participants will be eligible for the International Certificate on The Principles of Bioethics and Human Rights of UNESCO Bioethics Chair in Bioethics, Haifa.


Modules and Assignments

Specification/ Topic


Introduction –

Ethics of Caring & Science of Compassion

Prof Russell D'Souza Australia

Introduction to Bioethics & History of Principles of Ethics

Prof Mary Mathew Manipal India

Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights

Prof. Joseph Thornton USA

Ethical Transgression in health care and Research

Prof. Princy Palatty India

Respect for Cultural Diversity and


Prof. Suresh Rao UK

Human Dignity and Human Rights

Dr. Stacy Gallin USA

Solidarity, Cooperation, (UDBHRArticle 13)

Dr. Shabbir Amanullah Canada

Moral Development and Moral Theories

Prof. Srikanth Nimmagadda UK

Social Accountability

Prof. Dr. Trevor Gibbs UK

Bioethics of Gene editing

Dr. Shanthi Van Zeebroeck USA

Introduction to the role of Health Law and Ethics

Prof. Vivienne Harpwood UK

Non-Discrimination and Non-Stigmatization (Article 11)

Dr. Piyal Sen UK

End of Life Decisions

Baroness Prof Ilora Finlay UK

Sharing of Benefits ( Article 15)

Prof. J S Bamrah UK

Protecting Future Generations

Prof. Daniella Keidar Israel

Introduction to Ethical Issues in Reproductive Health 

Prof. Princy Palatty India

Environmental Ethics, BioSafety, and Biosphere (UDBHR- Article 17)

Prof. Derek D'Souza India

An Introduction to Ethical Issues in Addiction and Mental Health Disorders

Prof. Kristen Jones Canada

Duty of Candour

Dr. Rev Bryan Vernon UK


International Guest Webinars

1) Universal Rights to Healthcare 

2) End of Life Decisions

3) Bioethical Mediation

4) Truth-telling in Clinical Practice 

5) Public Health Ethics

6) Biopharma Bioethics ( Drug-Discovery, Development & Commercialisation Bioethics)

7) Ethics of euthanasia

8) Gene editing

9) Duty of candor 

10) Transplant ethics


These weekly courses are designed to improve self-knowledge about bioethics and how to teach bioethics. The course will have online real-time webinars with experts from international faculties giving lectures and discussions interactively. After the lecture, participants are encouraged to discuss the topic in a WhatsApp group. Moreover, the participants should expect at least one course assignment each week. Furthermore, It is recommended for the participants to use a laptop/ PC/ mobile device with a decent broadband internet connection to attend the course. Also, there will be a monthly CBD (Competency-Based Development) to evaluate the progress made.


Enrollment and Registration Details

The course shall prove to be a shot-in-arm for Healthcare Professionals and is indeed the need of the hour in the global healthcare context. Sounds interesting? Hurry up and register now cause limited seats are available. The cost of the International Certificate Course (ICC) is USD 110. 


Should you have any queries, feel free to contact us on, 

Wilsen Widal Kho

Liaison Officer to United Nations’ Agencies CIMSA 


LINE: wilsenwidalkho



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