Call for IFMSA Delegation to the Open Education Conference 2022

Call for IFMSA Delegation to the Open Education Conference 2022


Hello, medical students of Indonesia!

We are proud to announce the open call for IFMSA Delegations to the 2022 Open Education Conference to all Indonesian medical students! This year’s Open Education Conference will be held virtually on 17–20 October 2022 and will tackle the theme of “Rise to Action”.

Interested in joining in? Here are more details about the conference itself and further registration details!

What is OpenEd21?

The Open Education Conference is an annual convening for sharing and learning about open educational resources, open pedagogy, and open education initiatives. This dynamic gathering celebrates the core values of open education that strive to realize education ecosystems that are accessible, affordable, equitable and inclusive to everyone, regardless of their background.

Read more about the conference here.

What is the theme of OpenEd22?

The theme of the 2022 Open Education Conference is “Rise to Action”. By building on the last two themes, “Reimagining Open Education” and “Making Open for All”, “Rise to Action” focuses on the many ways the Open Education Conference community can take action to advance open education work, no matter where we are in our journey. 

“Rise to Action” is a call to move forward and act in concrete ways that make education more accessible, affordable, equitable and inclusive to everyone regardless of their background, experience, or level of access to resources. It is a call to rise up against the inequitable structures that have always existed in education, but have been further magnified by the complexities of the last few years. 

When, where, and who?

The 2022 Open Education Conference will be a vibrant event, with more than 200 live and pre-recorded sessions, daily plenary sessions, and social activities. Most live programming will take place between 10 am and 6 pm EDT (14:00–22:00 UTC) between the 17th and 20th of October, and there will be many options for asynchronous engagement. The delegation will be formed by 15-16 open education enthusiasts including the Liaison Officer for Medical Science and Research Issues.

What topics will be addressed in OpenEd22?

  • Open with Care: Examinations of Equity in Open Education.

  • Open in Action: Working to Advance Open Education.

  • Open in Practice: Understanding and Refining Open Educational Practices.

  • Open in K-12: Approaches in Primary and Secondary Education.

  • Building Open: Sustaining the Movement Through Crisis and Complexities

What is expected from IFMSA's delegates to OpenEd22?

  1. Availability to attend the full duration of the event.

  2. Contribution to all tasks, agreed upon with the rest of the delegation before the event.

  3. Contribute to the preparations, in the two weeks period before the event.

  4. Work effectively towards the final objectives for IFMSA in OpenEd22.

  5. Full commitment and respect to tasks, deadlines, and fellow members of the delegation.

Selection Criteria:

  • Motivation

  • Experience in External Affairs

  • Experience in Open Education

  • Follow up plans

  • Contribution plans to the delegation

  • Availability

How to know more?

  • Open Education Conference: here

  • IFMSA Delegation at Open Education Conference 2021: here

  • IFMSA Delegation at Open Education Conference 2020: here

How can you apply?

  • Fill in this application form (here) before the deadline

  • Fill in this candidature form that should be signed and stamped by your NMO president (here)

    • Title of the Meeting: Open Education Conference 2022

    • Date: 17–20 October 2022

  • The application form must be submitted by 19 September 2022 06:59 GMT+7

Refer to the IFMSA’s How to Write an Application Manual to help you whilst writing your application.

If you have any further inquiries, please kindly contact:

Azhara Dhiya Yosse Putri
Liaison Officer to Student Organizations CIMSA 2022/2023
LINE: azharadhiya


Aufa Fadhil
National Officer on Medical Education CIMSA 2022/2023
LINE: aufafadhil_


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