Breaking Barriers: Brands Leading the Way Towards Disability Inclusion

Breaking Barriers: Brands Leading the Way Towards Disability Inclusion


Throughout history, people with disabilities have been marginalized and often left behind. Even though the disability affects more than one million people worldwide, not all people are aware about the importance of disability inclusion. Disability inclusion refers to the act of encouraging people with disabilities to take roles comparable to those without disabilities and involving them in our daily activities. More than just encouraging people, disability inclusion makes sure that policies and practices are in effect to create a world where everyone has equal opportunities in every aspect of life.

Luckily, as time goes on, more and more people realize that disability inclusion is an important step towards a better and just future. A lot of breakthroughs have been made, one of them the inclusion of people with disabilities in several brands. In commemoration of International Day of Disability, let's take a look at several brands that implement disability inclusion in their line of work!

Known as one of the minimarkets of Indonesia, Alfamart receives many compliments for being one of the few workplaces accepting people with disabilities as their staff. By employing them as their shop clerk, warehouse staff, and office staff, the company aims to create a safe space where people with disabilities could contribute to society and work professionally at the same time. The minimarket started accepting people with disabilities in 2016, and they plan to keep expanding their staff. Their efforts for disability inclusion has not gone unnoticed; in 2019, the Ministry of Manpower in Indonesia awarded them for being one of the few companies actively hiring people with disabilities.


Luxcrime is one of the numerous local makeup brands in Indonesia. In March of 2023, this beauty brand celebrated an annual campaign called #BeautyDiQuity or Beauty in Diversity and Equity, a campaign that aims to promote that women have the right to feel beautiful no matter their state. Even though the annual campaign aims to commemorate International Women’s Day, this year’s campaign seems to focus on beauty for people with disabilities, as they work together with several models with disabilities. Not only that, Luxcrime also partnered with two communities for people with disabilities, Unique Project Theater and Nalitari. Quoting the brand’s founder, this year’s campaign shows that no matter the limitations, there is also strength and power hidden within.

Sunyi House of Coffee and Hope

Like to drink coffee? Sunyi House of Coffee and Hope has just the unique experience for fellow caffeine drinkers. This one of a kind coffee shop is completely silent; the store itself operates with sign language, as even the parking attendant doesn’t speak. The cafe’s owner, Fernando, says that the cafe is specifically made for employing people with disabilities, as they usually get rejected by most companies. Even the cafe’s name, Sunyi or Silent, has a deep meaning; the discrimination towards people with disabilities is silent. The furniture choices for the coffee shop are also intentional, as they aim to facilitate fellow people with disabilities that come into the shop. For example, the rounded table makes it easy for people that talk in sign languages to communicate. By doing this, the cafe aims to eliminate stigma and discrimination towards people with disabilities.


Layak is a recently famous clothing brand on the internet. By employing only people with disabilities as their model, the everyday clothing brand receives a lot of appreciation from the netizens, as it suddenly went viral in many social medias. Even the creative team of the brand itself employs people with disabilities. Not just by employing staff and models, the female clothing brand seeks to create a new perception within the society about people with disabilities. The brand says that they want society to realize that people with disabilities are the same as their non-disabled peers, not people with limitations or people that win gold medals. The brand stands firm with the idea that people with disabilities are not different with other people, as they can still work and live normally.

By giving equal opportunities to persons with disability, these brands prove that #DisabilityIsNotInability. Let's strive to do our best in promoting and implementing disability inclusion!

Jennyfer Febrina Widjaya - CIMSA UI
Marketing, Campaign, and Advocacy Team

CIMSA Indonesia 2023-2024



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