Hello, Medical Students!

CIMSA PROGRAM 101 is a presentation and a booth fair of awarded activities about CIMSA Program. One more than one hundred things about CIMSA Program will be deliver in this session in May Meeting 2019. So there will be a presentation for our impact in each topic of CIMSA Program, also there will be a representative booth of activity for each topic of CIMSA Program. The awarded Activities have meaningful impact on the society. The activities also support SDGs point 3, 4, 5, and 13; which are the points CIMSA focuses on. 
Through this message, we would like to announce 8 activities that have been selected for the CIMSA Program 101 of May Meeting 2019.

1. Non-Communicable Disease: CHIAO - CIMSA FK UNS
2. Communicable Disease: GELEDAH SD - PHD FK UWKS
3. Maternal Health: MEGA - CIMSA FK UIN SH
4. HIV/AIDS and other STIs: WAD - SCORA CIMSA National
5. Human Rights Equality: CEGAR - CIMSA Unimal
6. Environmental Sustainability: TRASHCARE - CIMSA UNRI
7. Human Resources for Health: BORDERS - CIMSA UGM
8. Health System: CORONER - CIMSA FK Unpad

Selected presenters are requested to come prepared with their logistics and will not be provided with any extra logistics except the tables chairs and a place to put up the poster. Do not forget to bring your entire delegation to cheer you and support you! Please take into the account the environmental impact that different materials you use have, so we would suggest you to try to be as environmentally friendly as possible with all the flyers/posters etc.

Congratulations to local/SCO whose activity is selected. We would also express our sincere gratitude to every activity that held on 2018-2019. This is a form of encouragement for all of you to develop your activities to improve the beneficial impacts they bring to the society.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Maulana Girsang Muda
Vice President for Internal Affairs CIMSA
Line: maulana_rambe

Tiara P. Leksono
Project Development Director CIMSA
Line: tiarapl

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